Smart Marketing

What does a printing company know about marketing? A lot. Since our inception in 1988, South City Print has worked with hundreds of Charlotte area businesses and organizations on literally thousands of marketing projects. Sure, we produce envelopes, letterhead, and forms, but marketing is our bread and butter business.

Marketing Services: What does that mean for you?

Many printing companies turned to marketing services as the demand for conventional print declined. It makes good sense – clients were diversifying their communications efforts to take advantage of new digital channels. Printers are great at the details. Why not expand the range of services to help customers implement digital marketing strategies?

For many in our industry, the transition went only as far as a new label. They called themselves marketing service providers and even created a new acronym, MSP. At South City Print, we took the idea a little further. Many of our small business clients were struggling. They wanted to take advantage of new opportunities, but their efforts were sporadic. They tried  the newest strategies – email, social media, content marketing – but they weren’t consistent and they didn’t operate from a coherent plan.

At South City Print, we recognized an opportunity to truly help our client become smart marketers. From our experience with print and direct mail, we had a good knowledge of what works – consistent efforts to meet defined marketing goals. We learned some new skills, putting together an assortment of capabilities designed to help customers like you plan and implement integrated marketing programs that produce long-term results.

Let’s define that. Integrated marketing means a combination of communications tactics that include both print and digital channels. Marketers call this multi-channel marketing or even omni-channel marketing. It’s the integration that makes the effort effective. Smart marketers start with a plan and reinforce messages across multiple communications channels, providing information via print, email, social media, and website content.

What’s in it for you? When you choose to work with South City Print, you’ll gain a marketing partner. We can certainly help with marketing campaigns. We’ve always done that, but we prefer to work with you to create a solid marketing program that goes much further. That includes planning, implementation, and to the extent possible, measurement of results.

Here are just a few of the ways South City Print can help you with smart marketing services:

Smart Marketing Begins with a Plan


You wouldn’t leave on a cross-country road trip without a map. Today, you’d probably use a GPS or Google Maps, but the assumption is still the same. It’s good to know the destination and how you’re going to get there.

The same principle applies to your marketing efforts. If you haven’t set goals and created a strategy, it’s likely that you’ll get lost along the way. A smart marketing program begins with a plan. It’s also very useful to have a budget and a timetable for the tactics you’ll use.

At South City Print, we’ve developed experience and expertise as we helped small businesses and larger organizations with their marketing efforts. A large part of what we do every day falls into the category of marketing services implementation – direct mail, websites, and online marketing efforts. But planning is the important part. South City Print can be a valuable asset to help with ideas, the coherence of your program, and practical aspects like budgets and timetable.

We’ve noticed that our clients who operate with a plan simply see better results. It doesn’t have to be complicated – your marketing plan can be a simple spreadsheet or a calendar that schedules promotional campaigns during the year.

South City Print can help with your marketing plans

We love the projects, but we’d like to do more to contribute to the success of  your marketing program. Here’s the offer – South City Print can help with your marketing plans. We’ll act as a consultant to help you coordinate strategy, promotions, and campaigns. Then we’ll keep you on track by providing  implementation for a range of print, direct mail, and digital marketing efforts.

Interested? Just get in touch to schedule an initial conversation.

Graphic Design

Color, typography, white space, art – there are so many considerations that go into a well-designed message. Design determines impact. At the core, it influences the ways your audience absorbs, remembers, and reacts to your brand and to the information you convey.

Many printers offer graphic design services. For most of our industry, graphic design is a practical function – get the words and the images on the paper in a way that’s readable. At South City Print, we think that there’s a lot more to it. Our professional designers go much further, helping you with print and digital design that creates a memorable and consistent brand image.

South City Print provides creative design services to organizations and businesses of all sizes. Creative design may begin with a logo, but it carries much further. Here’s what you can expect when you work with the design team at South City Print:

    • Brand standards – South City Print designers will help you with selection of color palettes, specifications for white space, and a consistent “look” for print, websites, and digital communication.
    • Image and Creative Design  – Design components should relate directly with your organization’s image. Creative use of art, color, balance, and photography can convey a message that is equally important to the words you use.


  • Practicality – The design should never overwhelm the message. Our design team can help you combine appealing art with practical calls-to-action and offers in  ways that encourage your audience to respond.


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What’s your brand image? Is it elegant? Down to earth? The design team at South City Print can help you combine art and words in creative ways that enhance your message. Get in touch with us today for a free design consultation.


Direct Mail


Smart marketers are turning back to direct mail for one simple reason: Direct Mail Works. You may think of this traditional marketing tactic as old-fashioned, but direct mail offers some considerable advantages:

  1. Direct mail cuts through the static – It’s simple. There’s less competition in the mailbox. Emails are easily discarded and the effectiveness of pay per click ads is declining.  A DMN report indicates that 69 million people in the US currently use ad blockers. Click through rates on digital ads are less than .04%. Direct mail remains the best solution when you need an affordable way to generate a response from your audience.
  2. It’s easy to target – Building a CAN-SPAM compliant email list takes time and money. In contrast, direct mail lists are readily available and DMR stats indicate that 79% of households read or scan direct mail every day.
  3. ROI is high – A large body of research indicates that return on investment from direct mail is higher than most digital channels. DMR statistics cite a return on investment ratio of 13:1.
  4. Personalization – Got data? Digital print technology allows you to easily customize a mailing to target a customer segment or even an individual. Variable data printing enables you to include personalized copy or images in each mailpiece. You can even direct recipients to their own Personalized URL (Purl) for an offer that’s tailored just for them.

The biggest benefits from direct mail as a marketing tactic come when mail is linked to digital strategies. QR codes offer an instantaneous link to a mobile device and a simple URL can link a mailpiece to a website landing page. Purls increase landing page click through rates substantially, and landing page conversions (actions) can be 30% or higher when a valuable offer is included.

South City Print Makes it Easy to benefit from Direct Mail Marketing

The postal regulations can be complicated, but South City Print can easily solve that problem. We provide our clients with turnkey direct mail services that include design, print, address processing, and mailing. We can mail to your in-house list or help you with sourcing of lists based on your demographic and preference specifications.

For B2C businesses, we can help you with targeted personalized mailings and also with saturation mailings or oversized mailings using the USPS Every Day Direct Mail (EDDM) program (include link to modal). EDDM provides an excellent opportunity for service businesses that want to focus a targeted marketing effort to specific areas or neighborhoods. Click the link or the button below to learn more about EDDM.

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Is direct mail a key component of your marketing program? If it’s not, it should be. Get in touch with South City Print to learn how a consistent direct mail program can bring in new customers, increased revenues, and high return on investment.

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Email Campaigns and Newsletters


Chances are good that you’re already using email to market your products and services. Marketers choose email because the cost is low, but many are dissatisfied with the effectiveness of their efforts. Open rates are low and clicks-through to website or landing page are even lower.

The key to email effectiveness is in the list. Smart B2C marketers pay a lot of attention to list development, using a variety of techniques to expand their lists and to categorize each record. Contests, e-commerce purchase history, website offers, and online information requests all provide opportunities to collect contact data beyond basic names and email addresses. Data can be use to segment lists for email targeting – a much better strategy than “blasting” generic messages to an unqualified list.

The best results from email are achieved when it is used consistently and strategically in combination with other components of your marketing plan. Email promotions can be a component of a larger strategy that includes print, a personalized landing page or website landing page, digital advertising, and social media. Email is also a key component of drip marketing campaigns.

For small businesses and B2B oriented companies in the Charlotte area, email newsletters are another smart marketing strategy. Local customers love community news and interesting stories and messages from a business they know. B2B companies generally understand their target markets. A consistent email newsletter can provide a steady stream of useful information to encourage repeat purchases and to introduce new products.

Want to improve your email marketing results?

South City Print assists with ideas for building CAN-SPAM compliant lists and for ways to combine email with other marketing tactics. We also regularly help with implementation – designing email messages that complement your brand image and sending email as part of a series of planned campaigns.

Notedon’t know if you want to include the following. If you got a bite, it would be easy to find a freelance copywriter.

Regular newsletters are a great way to stay top of mind with leads, prospects, and accounts, but they require a lot of discipline. Small business owners frequently find it difficult to keep up. South City Print can help with scheduled newsletters for your business. We provide a complete solution including copywriting, design, and mailing.

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Are you getting the most from email marketing? Get in touch with South City Print to schedule a marketing conversation and let’s discuss smart ways to include email in your marketing program.

Drip Marketing, Pay-Per-Click & Remarketing


Drip campaigns are a great strategy to help B2B business with lead generation and account development efforts. They can work to produce repeat business from customers of any business. A drip campaign involves a series of message or information that is initiated by a customer action – typically, the completion of a website or a landing page form. The action triggers a series of timed email messages that can provide more information about a product or simply stay in touch with an interested contact over a period of weeks or months.


Remarketing is a similar tactic that can be effective even when the contact doesn’t complete a form. Both Google and Facebook provide code snippets that can be embedded in website or landing pages to track the IP address of viewers who visit a web page. Advertisements are keyed to the IP addresses, providing repeated reminders of your products and services. The ads provide additional offers and calls to action that prompt viewers to take another look.

Facebook advertising and remarketing are the last real bargain for small businesses who want to include pay-per-click advertising (PPC) in their marketing program. Facebook’s demographic and preference targeting capabilities make the social network a promising advertising platform for almost any business. A small budget of $20 – $40 per week can produce thousands of views and click-through rates that are higher than conventional display advertising.

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Are you interested in digital advertising, but discouraged by the complexity of putting campaigns together?  South City Print can work with your business to create landing pages and to implement drip, PPC, and remarketing campaigns. We’ll work closely with you to determine effective calls to action and offers and we’ll provide access to data that shows your page visits and conversions. Just give us a call to get started.


Logo Products - Ad Specialties - Promotional Products

Regardless of the combination of tactics you select for your marketing program, you’ll need to provide a valuable offer to provoke action from the audience you’re trying to reach. Promotional products provide a great incentive for response. South City Print’s online ad specialties catalog (link) provides thousands of possibilities for incentives that will keep your brand top of mind with potential customers. To learn more about product incentives, visit our promotional products website,



South City Print can also help with offer fulfillment. Our online ordering system (link) allows you to set inventory levels for the products you choose as incentive offers. We can handle the shipment of almost any product as responses to your offers come in.

Turnkey Marketing Solutions for Our Clients

If you’ve read through some of the information above, you can see that South City Print offers a comprehensive range of marketing services.

Our objective is simple – to make it easy for Charlotte area organizations to manage an effective marketing program.

We’ll help with the planning, the timing, and the budgets. Of more importance, we’ll provide hands-on assistance with implementation that will keep your efforts on track.

For marketers and for business owners, time and money are always the key limitations. We hope you’ll see that a partnership with South City Print is smart marketing. We’ll sweat the details, allowing you to focus on developing new customers and running your business.

Interested? Get in touch with South City Print to schedule a free marketing consultation. There’s no risk involved. We’ll talk about your current program and the ways we can work together to create efficiencies and make your marketing efforts more effective. We look forward to the conversation!