It’s really not a secret. Smart marketers know that promotional gifts and incentives are an inexpensive and effective way to build brand awareness. Including promotional products in your marketing (and sales) programs accomplishes a couple of very important objectives:

  1. Promotional Products Make Brand Impressions – According to the Ad Specialities Institute (ASI), totebags make the highest number of impressions during the lifetime of the product (5,772), followed by hats (3,136). The average cost/impression across all of the items in the ASI survey was less than 1 cent.
  2. Promotional Products Create Top of Mind Awareness – Promotional products stick around and multiple impressions create awareness.  Your logo and your contact information get seen every time a branded product is used. According to ASI, Umbrellas are kept for an average of 14 months. Desktop products stay around for an average 7 months.

What do you call ‘em? Ad specialties, Tchotchkes, Swag?

Buyers call promotional products by a lot of different names. It really doesn’t matter what you call them, there’s one important reason to use promo products in your sales and marketing program:

Promotional products are appreciated by the people who receive them.

ASI’s annual survey indicates that most recipients really value branded gifts. In the US, 82% think the products they receive are generally useful. USB drives and outerwear are the most appreciated gifts, followed closely by drinkware, and writing instruments.

South City Print has a promotional products catalog that’s full of thousands of amazing product possibilities. From calendars to koozies, frisbees to fly swatters – if you can imagine a branded product, it’s likely you can find it in our catalog. You can even put your brand on breath mints, but that one might be taken the wrong way.

Here are just a few of the the product categories you’ll find in South City Print’s product catalog:


Branded Print


Need a great leave-behind for your sales team? Notepads and a pen are always appreciated. They’ll get used every day, and chances are good that these items will also be shared around the office. Want to show appreciation for a special client? Try personalized stationery or daily planners.

Here are a few print promotional products you might consider:

  • Notecards
  • Calendars and Planners
  • Stationery and envelopes
  • Notebooks and Diaries
  • Writing Pads and Folios
  • Address Books
  • Bookmarks
  • Sticky Notes and Memo Cubes

Are you looking for a unique idea for a printed promotional gift? South City Print can produce or source a custom printed product that tastefully displays your brand.


53% of U.S. consumers own promotional drinkware and they use it! There are almost endless possibilities for branded cups, mugs, and bottles that will be valued by your customers or employees. Need a gift for a company event, an open house, or a sales meeting?

Here are just a few of the possibilities:

  • Coffee mugs
  • Stadium cups
  • Beer steins
  • Champagne glasses
  • Sports bottles
  • Wine glasses
  • Thermos bottles
  • Carafes and pitchers

Glasses, mugs, and drinkware are among the most frequently ordered ad specialties. Many items are available for rush shipments at very reasonable prices. Call South City Print to find the drinkware product that fits your budget and your timetable.


Event Promotion


Planning a big event? You’ll want to choose the right promo products for attendee gifts and for special thank you’s for speakers and event coordinators. Will you be giving out awards or special recognitions? You’ll find a large selection of commemorative products in South City Print’s promotional products catalog.

Here’s just a sample of some of the event products you might need:

  • Awards
  • Certificates
  • Plaques
  • Lanyards
  • Table Throws
  • Badge Holders
  • Banners and Pennants
  • Trophies
  • Gifts for Attendees and Speakers
  • Door Prizes

Need help with the details?

Call South City Print when you begin to plan your next meeting or conference. We can help with nearly everything you’ll need to make your event a success. From invitations, banners and signage (link to wide format), and registration materials that make your event run smoothly to  promotional gifts that will keep your organization top of mind after the event is over, South City print is your single source for event promotion.

Pens and Writing Instruments


Even with a smartphone in your pocket, it’s a sure bet that you use a pen or a pencil every day. Writing instruments are among the most popular promotional gifts. They’re used and shared, providing maximum exposure for your brand. Pens and mechanical pencils make great sales leave-behinds and a fine writing set is an excellent executive gift.

Here are a few of the items you’ll find in the writing instruments section of South City Print’s promotional products catalog:

  • Ballpoint Pens
  • Highlighters
  • Mechanical Pencils
  • Markers
  • Crayons (and coloring books!)
  • Gel Pens
  • Pen and Pencil Sets
  • School Kits
  • Pencils and Colored Pencils

When it comes to brand impressions, pens and writing instruments make a big impact for small dollars. According to ASI, the average cost/impression for these popular promotional gifts is only 1/10 of a cent.

Need something to write with?

South City Print can help you find pens, pencils, and other writing instruments that fit your brand and your budget. Give us a call and we’ll suggest a selection of writing products that will make a memorable impression!

Desktop and Office Products


Looking for a promotional gift that will stick around? Branded desktop and office products will be used and seen by your clients and prospects every day. These great gift choices keep your brand top of mind and your contact information near at hand.

There are hundreds of possibilities for unique office products that fit any budget. Here are a few ideas:

  • Ring Binders
  • Rulers and Tape Measures
  • Tool Kits
  • Letter Openers
  • Laser Pointers
  • Picture Frames
  • Leather Folders and Folios
  • Calculators
  • USB Drives and Power Supplies

Desktop Promo Products don’t get overlooked

Looking for a promo item that will get noticed everyday? Call South City Print to find a popular desktop product that your clients will love.

Calendars and Planners


Even with all of the gadgets and apps we use to keep track of our days, lots of people still rely on old fashioned technology – calendars and daily planners. A 2011 study by the Promotional Products Association (PPAI) indicated that the number of printed calendars in households and businesses really hasn’t changed much since 1981. Wall calendars and desk calendars are still a standard feature in most of our lives.

Planners are crash proof and they don’t require wifi or a battery charge to operate. Daily and weekly planners make great gifts for salespeople, office managers, and practically anyone who tries to stay on schedule. They’re portable, notable, inexpensive, and easy to use.

You’ll find an extensive selection of gift calendars and planners in our Promotional Products Catalog, including:

  • Desk Calendars
  • Daily and Weekly Calendars
  • Wall Calendars
  • Peel and Stick Calendars
  • Address Books
  • Pocket Planners
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Planners

Need a great year-end gift for customers?

Calendars and planners are useful year-end gifts that stick around for at least 12 months. South City Print can create custom calendars for your organization or help you find just the right branded calendar or planner for your clients, employees, or other favorite folks.



According to ASI,  branded outer ware (jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies) is North Carolina’s preferred gift, appreciated more than any  than any other promotional product. South Carolina goes for polo shirts. Nearly half of consumers in the U.S. own a branded hat, including a larger share of “follicly challenged” males who require cranial protection. That’s right, bald men wear hats, and they’re mostly responsible for the average 3,136 impressions that branded headwear makes during its service life.

You’ll find a wide assortment of apparel items in South City Print’s promotional catalog, including:

  • Athletic Wear
  • Golf Shirts and Polos
  • Uniforms and Work Wear
  • T-Shirts
  • Caps and Hats
  • Rainwear
  • Sweaters and Jackets
  • Dress Shirts
  • And much more . . .

Branded flip flops?

Is next year’s convention at the beach? The last time we checked, there were several affordable options for branded flip flops in stripes and bright colors. Need a stylish idea? Call South City Print and we’ll be glad to help you find apparel items that your team and your customers will want to wear every day.

So many promotional products . . . how do you manage the choices?

It’s easy to see that ad specialties and promotional products should be an integral part of your sales and marketing efforts. There are so many opportunities, but how do you choose? South City Print can help with suggestions, sourcing, budgets, and product selection to find items that fit your image and your budget.  

Fulfillment and Distribution Services

South City Print can also work with you to manage inventories and distribute promotional  products to your field staff or sales network. Our online ordering system (link) can be easily configured to manage and replenish inventories of the promotional products that you choose for your organization. Team members or remote offices can order as needed with your authorization. We’ll handle the shipping of promotional products along with other marketing collateral and print products that your team uses on a regular basis.

At South City Print, we like to help with the possibilities

Can we help you explore the possibilities and manage the details? That’s what we do best at South City Print.  Whether it’s print, marketing services, or promotional products, we work hard  to make the process easy for our customers. We hope you’ll get in touch to explore ways we can benefit your organization.