Wouldn’t you rather do business with a group of people that enjoy what they do each day? Our team is as much family as anything else. We take pride in what we do for our customers and we’ll jump through hoops to make sure that your project gets done just the way you want it.

Sure, we’re proud of our products, services, and technology; but most of all we’re committed to building relationships with our customers. We’d like you to feel comfortable with us.

Here are some photos and information about the nice folks you’ll be working with at South City Print. We look forward to talking with you soon!


Clem Huffman – OwnerClem Huffman Photo

“What I really like the most about this business is the ability to provide customers with help that matters,” says Clem Huffman, owner of South City Print. A business owner himself for over 25 years, Clem has a lot of experience and wisdom to offer. If you talk with Clem for any length of time, you quickly see that he’s involved with the details but also sees the big picture. “I love working closely with customers on a project. We have developed a lot of resources here at South City Print, and not just in the printed product lines. We have a depth of knowledge on our team that can really be beneficial to other businesses as they develop their brands and their product lines.”

South City Print was started as a franchise operation in 1988 and Clem has been fascinated with the technological advances that have enabled his business to grow. “In 1988, we were ahead of the quick printing growth trend. We moved into digital printing early on and added capabilities for direct mail and wide format printing. Now we’re moving quickly into the marketing arena, not just with printing, but also with other services that extend beyond print.”

Clem is particularly excited about opportunities to work with other business owners and managers as they plan and implement marketing strategies. “Many smaller businesses are still operating by reflex, and there are new possibilities that they may be missing. In the past, they would have needed an agency to really create awareness of their services and their brands. With the advent of online channels, they can do so much more. We can certainly help with conventional marketing like direct mail, but South City Print can also work with them to make sure that their marketing and message is consistent and coordinated across the channels they use. Basically, we can help them to market smarter.”

It’s no surprise that Clem’s second passion is coaching. If he’s not at the business, he’s likely to be found on the softball diamond, winning games and leading his teams to winning seasons. “Image and reputation are great,” he says, “but success is in the details. Both the softball teams and the team we’ve built at South City Print are focused on precision. That’s how we win consistently on the field and for our customers.”


Mike Boston – General Manager
Mike Boston Photo

Mike’s mission at South City Print is to ensure that all of our operations run smoothly, efficiently and profitably. It’s the ideal position for a veteran print manager with a career in operations and business consulting. A part-time bindery job in middle school led to a series of printing jobs through high school and college. “I did leave print for a high paying summer job at a chicken farm one year,” says Mike. “I came back quickly to the printing industry.”

Mike’s print management background includes printshop management at UNC Charlotte, several years in purchasing and fixed asset management with Ikon and 11 years as an operations consultant with the Alphagraphics franchise. There, he developed extensive knowledge of current strategies for operational efficiency, including ISO quality certification and lean manufacturing processes. He’s enthusiastic at the opportunity to put these techniques to work at South City Print, and at the benefits that they are already producing for customers.

“We’re precise,” says Mike. “The goal is to communicate the customer’s expectations very clearly throughout our operations. Our people are very good. If we communicate well, we get a superior product.” But it goes further than that. “The projects we do for our customers are part of their identity,” he continues. “We owe it to them to dig in. We’re critical with color and we try to identify and fix the problems. Print can be complicated, but we’re not one of those shops that expects customers to comply with our specifications and prints mistakes when they don’t understand. We want all South City Print projects to be right.”

South City Print is moving forward into new areas and Mike is excited about the opportunity to use his consulting background to help small businesses with their marketing and communications planning. “Small and medium-sized businesses frequently can’t afford in-house marketing,” he says, “but we can provide a lot of help in the way of ideas, planning, and implementation.”

On weekends, Mike enjoys family time and hunting and fishing trips with his son, Wil, and occasionally can be seen with golf clubs chasing a small white ball.



Delia Thomley – Customer Service ManagerDelia Thomley Photo

Delia is the cheerful voice that you hear on the phone at South City Print. She’s the first point of contact for our customers and also the chief manager of details for our company. Delia knows the questions to ask and makes sure that every order gets into production correctly and that each customer’s expectations are understood clearly by the production staff.Hailing originally from East Texas, Delia started her work in printing early in her career. She moved to Charlotte in 1990 and started with South City Print, then an Alphagraphics shop, in 1991. She’s done everything in a printing and mailing operation from stuffing envelopes to running a printing press and says that she’s “addicted to the smell of ink.”

What Delia loves most is earning a “thank you” from a customer. “I love working with customers at South City Print, helping them to create,” she says. “It’s great when we can pull a project together that looks so much better than what our client expected.”

“I’m especially excited about the capabilities that we’re developing at South City Print,” she continues. “Print has come a long way since I started, especially with easier availability of color. We’re quickly developing new marketing and direct mail services for our customers and it’s neat to see the positive results from these projects.”

When she’s not at South City Print, you may find Delia with a Pat Conroy novel or even better, reading on the beach. She sold her Harley-Davidson a couple of years ago and claims that she doesn’t have any adventurous hobbies, but also admits a secret desire to jump out of airplanes.


Steve Breon – DeliverySteve Breon Photo

Steve grew up on a farm in Iowa and knows how to get things done. He was trained in offset printing at Iowa Technical College and never looked back. “I’ve been working in the printing business for over 40 years,” he says. “I’ve run all kinds of printing presses from small duplicators to newspaper presses, but I really enjoy delivering to South City Print customers.”The best part of Steve’s day is giving a customer a smile and getting one in return. “If I can get someone to smile or make them laugh, that’s the highlight.”

Steve emphasizes the company’s commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. “I’m there for them. If something’s not correct, call me . . . I’ll come back and we’ll make it right.”


Barry Griffin – Bindery SpecialistBarry Griffin Photo

Barry is another print veteran and has worked in the industry in many roles during his career. He’s stopped counting the years in the business, but still loves coming to work every day. Barry was trained in graphic desigh at Appalachian State University and started as a paste-up artist in a screen printing operation and remembers those days fondly. “Print is still a combination of art and science, and it takes skill to produce a finished product that looks good,” he asserts. “That’s especially important with the finishing operations. The print can be beautiful, but if the fold is wrong, the final product won’t work for the customer.”

Barry enjoys his bindery work and also likes meeting customers when he fills in on deliveries. He’s an amateur gardener in his free time and has a “green thumb.” When asked what he really likes best about his job at South City Print, he answers, “Taking care of the plants!”

According to Barry, it’s the team at South City Print that’s most important. “We’re dedicated to what we do and we work together to make sure that every job looks good.”