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  • Forget About Perfection

    I have a friend who’s OC/DC. He mostly operates on “regular DC current”, but you can never tell when the transformer will kick in and he’ll go totally perfectionist on you. On one hand, he’s meticulous about particular things, dresses neatly, and he obsesses about the mail arriving on time. On the other hand, it’s probably been 2 years since his car’s been vacuumed out. Go figure.

  • Why Does Google Use Direct Mail?

    I was surprised when I received a small envelope from Google. Why would one of the world’s largest online companies be sending me mail?

  • The Power of a Personal Note

    Let’s turn back the clock a few years to a time before email and Facebook. It may have been your Mom or your Grandmother who had a writing desk tucked into the corner of the living room.

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