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  • Okay, so it's January 27, perhaps a little late to wish you a Happy New Year. But really, the year has just started and I do hope you have a terrific 2016, filled with success and joy. So, Happy New Year!!!!!

  • The start of a new year always gets me fired up. The past year is over. Bygones be bygones. Personally, I stepped away during the holidays, refreshed the batteries, and now I'm back at it with a fresh perspective for 2016. My team and I are busy finalizing some ideas and plans which, I hope, will create an amazing 2016 for our company and our customers!

  • To all veterans  - Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    Thank you for your honorable service, in peacetime and in wartime. 
    Thank you for doing your part to preserve our national security. 
    Thank you for the sacrifices you made as you performed your duties. 

    For those who were wounded or otherwise injured AND for those who lost their lives, there are no really good words…. Thank you and bless you.

    Godspeed to all.

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